Snuggle in Style

At Snugglupagus, we know that sleep is the best gift you can give baby -and mom- during the first year. That’s why our boutique muslin blankets are crafted from the softest cotton and designed with great attention to detail, giving the gift of sleep, serenity and style.

Love, love, love these blankets. I’m a swaddle mom (4 kids strong!) and have only just discovered Snugglupagus. Of all my swaddle blankets I love these most. They are a little larger than my other ones which means that they still work for my 4 month old- he is as snug and cozy as ever! The designs are cute and fresh and they also wash and dry like a breeze. Fantastic buy.

Sandra M., New Jersey

I own a daycare, and I’m constantly on the lookout for high-quality equipment that gives our little babies the comfort and security they need while in a daycare setting. We’re big into swaddling here, since it gets our littlest babies into a healthy and peaceful routine very early on. These muslin swaddles are well-made and the designs are unisex in a modern way that fits our daycare’s environment and higher-end clientele. We plan to order more and replace our receiving blankets with these.

Miriam J., Owner of Daycare